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Modern, but with a little hint of the Parisian Cafe look we both love

A Destination

Black Radish is a fine produce shop with organic, local, artisan and quality food.  Having taken a 'leap of faith' and leaving our careers, we opened in March 2014 with the principal that quality ingredients make quality food and that this should be available to everyone. 

Our bread is handmade by the local flour pot bakery and our range of gluten free and dairy free cakes made by the boys at 'The Taste of Dreams' in Glyndebourne.  Our cheeses are British and in our opinion the best that can be found in the area.  We source our organic produce as close to home as possible so that it’s fresh and leaves as small an environmental foot print as possible.

Regular tasting sessions of our produce means that you can give your opinion, maybe try something new and help us to provide what you want.

We cater for quality take away food and a small seated service, using our own organic, local and artisan produce.  Most of what you eat is available to buy in the shop and everything is made daily.  

We want a shop where you can taste and discuss food, share recipes and ideas and try both unusual and different produce. 

We hope you enjoy browsing and look forward to seeing you.

Jayne & Beverley


Our bread is handmade by Brighton based Flour Pot Bakery. True artisans, they take great pride in using only the finest ingredients and producing the best tasting bread in Brighton and Hove.

salad & soup

In winter and summer we have the ever popular help yourself salad bar. Made daily, using all our own produce, we make healthy, unusual and raw salads full of flavour not additives and delicious, spicy, warming, homemade soup. Try with a hunk of handmade focaccia!

the juice bar

Need a 'boost' or a refreshing additive free drink? We make any fruit and/or vegetable juice of your choice. Either choose from the selection on the board or pick the produce and combination yourself.

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                            Our produce                                                  

Where does our organic produce come from?

We're so please to say that demand for organic food is rising and we source from fantastic and dedicated farmers who continue to farm ethically and organically and ensure we have only the best quality produce.

Martin Freemantle from Choice Organics provides us with the best of UK produce all year round and works with organic farms in Europe to get us the fantastic lemons, oranges and vegetables indigenous to these countries, while Peter and Colette Haynes at Ashurst Organics in East Sussex are our local suppliers of the best of British seasonal crops. 

While we would love to stock only organic fruit and vegetables, sometimes supply is short, so we provide a small stock of locally grown produce. Our signage clearly displays our organic produce.



What's in a soup or a salad?

If it's from Black Radish, only the finest produce. To ensure we have only fresh fruit and vegetables and as little waste as possible we have a small 'cafe' side to our shop where we use our produce and artisan food for take-away and limited inside eating. 

Our help yourself salad bar is made on the premises and no two days are the same as Jayne and Frazer conjure up a variety of both conventional and unusual food combinations to excite the tastebuds and make your lunch a whole different experience.

Our homemade soup, like our salads, uses what's in season. Cooked fresh every day there are unexpected treats such as a splash of white truffle oil with broccoli or beetroot.  Eaten with a hunk of our Flour Pot bakery bread it's guaranteed to put a smile on your face anytime of the year.




Jayne Austen-Goacher

Black Radish is the culmination of Jayne's life long interest in food and her creative design talents as a former landscape gardener. She almost single-handedly built Black Radish, literally from scaffolding, to create what we hope is something unique. "I wanted to create a shop in the local area that not only gives the community excellent quality local produce but is also visually exciting and appealing. I feel its really important that people engage with the food they eat and know what they're eating which is why I'm happy to talk 'food' all day". Jayne is very much 'hands-on' and manages the shop on a day to day basis.

Frazer Ives

Frazer joined us in August 2015 having worked in some of Brighton's best restaurants. It was clear from the start that he's passionate and knowledgeable about food and a real culinary talent. Although we've always provided great quality food, Frazer has brought imagination and flair to our dishes and continues to experiment with ingredients and flavours. Now firmly established in Black Radish his enthusiasm for our produce is definitely contagious. Watch out for news on our pages of Frazer's upcoming tasting sessions and presentation demonstrations.

Beverley Austen-Goacher

If a shop can have an engine room then that's where Beverley is. Having helped to create and design Black Radish with Jayne, she's mainly 'back stage' sourcing produce, managing social media, looking for new ideas and most importantly looking for ways Black Radish can engage and connect people with the food they eat. A former teacher and Education Advisor, Beverley never imagined she would be a partner in her own business "I've never worked for myself before but this is the most exciting, frightening, satisfying and rewarding venture I've ever done. Black Radish isn't just a business, its a way of life'

A Frazer 'special open sandwich' - Sunflower Rye bread with cream cheese, grilled courgettes, smoked salmon, dill and pomegranate