I've started. So i'll finish. Hopefully!

So much has happened over the last two years that it's taken this long to get the first of a regular Black Radish news blog written and published - that and the fact it's taken this long to work out how to do it!

Still, it's here now and over the forthcoming months we hope to talk about all things organic and local, new ideas in Black Radish, events in and around Brighton and Hove, tastings and anything else we feel is worth talking about. Oh and there could even be the occasional 'rant' if we think it's warranted.

If you want to leave a comment on anything we write about, or have any suggestions that you think would be useful for us or anyone else, that would be great.  A heads up for my first 'real' piece of news is that it's going to be about Organic September (better late than never!)