organic your september

I know we're a bit behind with this as it's now the middle of September, but really we're trying to encourage everyone to have at least some organic food in their shopping basket every month. The soil association regularly promotes organic and this month they've gone all out with their EAT. DRINK. USE. CHOOSE. campaign which we of course fully support. 

So, 5 excellent reasons why you might give organic a go.

1. It reduces your exposure to potentially harmful pesticides. No-one really wants to eat these things and over 320 of them are routinely used in non-organic farming.

2. It's naturally different. How we farm really does affect the quality of the food we eat and the only way to test this is to try it. Come to us, buy a couple of carrots or parsnips or whatever takes your fancy and do a taste test. Costs next to nothing but might really make a difference to you.

3. Better for the planet. This is a biggy and many things could be discussed, but an example is that if all farms converted to organic in the UK at least 3.2 million tonnes of carbon would be taken up by the soil each year- that's a lot!

4. Help protect wildlife. Fewer pesticides helps bees, birds, butterflies and most wildlife survive. Up to 50% more on organic farms.

5. Higher standards of animal welfare. Organic animals are truly free range. Healthy, happy animals reared without routine use of antibiotics - which is a whole other discussion on their overuse for all of us.

So if you want some ideas on what to cook, have a look at the video below and if you want to know where you can get excellent organic coffee from (he cooks with coffee) we have some fabulous locally roasted.