Where have all the veg gone?

It's always been difficult to buy organic vegetables from wholesalers at reasonable prices, but now it's reached a real crisis. A month or so ago we were selling organic courgettes at almost £2 each! They're now so expensive that we can't actually buy them. We're doing everything we can to get British organic but this of course limits the variety of produce we can have. We must support the farmers who are struggling to maintain their crops in business and in Black Radish at the moment we have a good range of vegetables.

Murcia in Spain where a lot of our produce comes from has suffered 3 years of drought but then extreme heavy rains in December has wiped out most of the lettuce crop. There are now the heaviest snows in more than 30 years.

According to statistics the price of a kilo of aubergines went up 132% in January while tomatoes by 45%. It's a rough time for agriculture at the moment but we will of course continue to to try and get the best organic produce we can and keep promoting the benefits of organic.

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Photo “Courtesy of Guardian News & Media Ltd”