cooking up a storm

We’re often asked how we get so much flavour in our food especially in our soups and salad. People often think we put in lots of cream or butter to make then taste so good.  We actually do the exact opposite and use very little dairy and our soups are dairy free. What we do use though, is the organic produce and artisan products that we have in the shop. We totally believe that it‘s the quality of the ingredients that determines the taste in food and that’s why we don’t substitute lesser products to use in our café.

We also use them at home and because like everyone we’re always busy, we try to cook dinners that are quick, easy and tasty.  Sometimes though, you just can’t think of what to cook, so we thought we’d share one of our ‘go to’ dinners, chilli crust salmon with peanut butter yoghurt. It's full of flavour and takes 30 mins tops!

Most of the ingredients can be bought in the shop and the salmon can be substituted for chicken if you prefer.

We then thought, that as we’re always being asked for our soup & salad recipes why not share our secrets! So I shall be filming and Jayne will be cooking and hopefully ‘magic’ will be made.


Watch this space for the Black Radish step-by-step soup & salad recipe video’s coming soon.