A chance Meeting

"You must do coffee." That's what everyone told us when we started out. So we did coffee. Good, but nothing special coffee. Then the 'God's' smiled on us and sent an unknown but passionate young coffee maker into Black Radish armed with bags of coffee and tasting apparatus. Like us, he and his partner had given up life in London and come down to Brighton to roast coffee beans. But I'll let them tell their story....

Deji & Stacia

Our passion is really very simple: Search high and low for the most responsibly grown, tastiest, quirkiest, green coffee beans available anywhere in the world and roast in small lots and very often, so the coffee is always at its freshest and best. We call it "The Pursuit of Tasty Coffee".

So who are ‘we’ and how did ‘we’ get into your cup then? Well we’re Stacia and Deji, coffee lovers first, coffee roasters second and everything else afterwards. About a year ago an irresistible cocktail of our unfulfilling city lives, the call of the sea and the opportunity to enrich lives with good coffee became, well……irresistible to us.

So we packed our bags and moved to Ovingdean.

Weeks later and drunk on sea air (and coffee of varying quality) we purchased our first batch of green beans (all 250g of Vietnamese Arabica), fired up the bucket barbecue and began to cook the green beans in a colander - many burns later ended with something so under cooked it was close to undrinkable. Undeterred, we purchased a bigger drum barbecue and repeated the experiment, with an end result this time comparable to charcoal, and still not drinkable.

Covered in burns but undeterred still, we added science to the process. We acquired a coffee roaster which as well as not burning us was very flexible, meaning after many many hours of practice, we perfected our roasting techniques and we learnt about the beans and their optimum roast profiles. We then practiced some more, and developed (stumbled upon) a technique that allows us to cool our roasts under the fabled 4 minutes, locking in every single ounce of aroma and flavour released during roasting process.

Nowadays our coffee offering is diverse and we hope you’ll agree, very very drinkable.

Black Radish Blend

We knew we had found dedicated and hard working producers that we wanted to support. They had unique and excellent quality coffee and were willing to work with us to create our own blend that we now serve everyday and sell to you. Even more importantly their beans are Fair Trade, Rain forest Alliance, Certified Organic and have trace-ability right through to their origin. We think we have a fantastic product and hope you do too.