Brighton & Hove Honey & Chilli Jam

Brighton & Hove Honey & Chilli Jam

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collected & bottled by Mickelmus of Blackman Bee farm within a 30 mile radius of Brighton & Hove, this is a scrumptious raw english honey collected in a manner that is good for the honey bee, good for the environment & good for you... oh & he makes an outstanding chilli jam with honey too!

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Tasting notes

Raw Honey: Collected from hives around Brighton & Hove this is a rich, creamy honey ideal for that breakfast treat or when you just fancy something delicious!

Chilli Jam with Honey: (Great Taste award 2014) A fantastic combination of jam & honey with a warming kick of chilli. A great & unusual accompaniment to cheese & charcuterie or put a dollop in sauces for a delicious sweet chilli boost.

Ingredients: fresh red chilli, red pepper, tomatoes, honey, sugar, garlic, vinegar, lemon, sea salt, pectin